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Well things have completely changed lately my SEO company has been put on a back burner now while I am working full time now. I have been building a new butcher directory, reveiws and rating website with a forum called Best Butcher, its still not finished just yet but going quite well.

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My personal website dedicated to me John Eva and all my interests

Aircraft, Basketball, Cars, Computers,
Dogs, Motorbikes, Music

I also have some videos, games, sigs and a forum for you to check out too.

This website is a place for me to practise my web design and also at the same time show people what my interests are and have you all find out a litlle bit more about me.

I will also use this site to let you all know how things are going and what I have been upto latly thats when I have time too anyways.

Please do check out all the great stuff on this site, it is new and will be worked on plenty more yet to have it how I would like it.

Hayabusa Turbo Video


If you like that checkout the other video clips I have on this website on the vids page